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Welcome to Hubble Crosswords

Here you can find free cryptic crosswords that you can solve online through interactive crossword puzzle pages. Alternatively, you can download each crossword puzzle as a PDF file, print the PDF, and solve each crossword puzzle on paper.

About my cryptic crossword puzzles

Assessing the level of difficulty of a cryptic crossword puzzle is somewhat subjective. I rate my cryptic crossword puzzles as medium to hard. That means my cryptic crossword puzzles are probably too challenging for newcomers to cryptics to be able to solve completely, although even beginners will probably be able to solve some of the clues in each crossword puzzle.

More experienced cryptic crossword puzzle solvers will probably be able to finish most, if not all, of my cryptic crossword puzzles. Expert cryptic crossword solvers are unlikely to be stumped, but I hope none of the cryptic crosswords here fall into the "it's a write-in" category.

Terms of use

You can print off any of my puzzles for your own use. You may not print off puzzles for bulk distribution to others without permission. You may not include my puzzles in any publication, online or in print, without permission.

You can include links to any of my puzzles in your own blog or website, but you may not embed my puzzles in your web pages without permission.

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