You can solve my free quick crosswords online through interactive crossword puzzle pages, or you can download each quick crossword puzzle as a PDF file and solve each crossword puzzle on paper. New free quick crossword puzzles are added regularly.

Quick crossword clues are more simply constructed than those of cryptic crosswords. However, there can be many synonyms for so many words that it is sometimes be difficult to spot the required answer.

One common sticking point is when the solver perceives a clue as a noun or adjective but the setter is using it as a verb, or vice versa. For example, the clue "Broadcast" could be a verb meaning "to transmit" or it could be a noun meaning "A television or radio programme".

So, if you are struggling to come up with a synonym for a clue, make sure you are thinking about the clue word in all its forms.

Likewise, try to think of as many synonyms for clue words as you can. Remember that some synonyms may not easily spring to mind. As a simple example, look at some of the possible meanings for the word "Green"

Happy solving!